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Attend our events and activities to meet new people and extend your network of current friends.
Suzy Club community is a great way to get out of the house and meet other expats and local.
We also help the newcomers to Oman with advice on accommodation, schools, medical centres and hobbis.
And with your membership SuzyClub, you get discounts with our partners.
So let’s discover the best places to eat, drink, and shop.

During the outbreak, Suzyclub is offering many online activities

Our events

Ladies Networking

Other women provide great advice and tips on different subjects and topics.
Each lady has a unique background and professional career so we take this opportunity to learn from each others. And create a network during that evening.

Fun dinner

Creating dinner so members of SuzyClub can network. We choose different restaurant weekly and make sure that the food is tasty and offer set menu.

Fun Gathering Evening

Gathering between members expats and locals in Muscat in a nice restaurant together. We organized that evening and brough at the restaurant a music live band

Cooking Class

We create a cooking class in collaboration with restaurants (Nepal food in that picture) for only the members of SuzyClub and it is always a great successful event.

French Class

Free Frenh class in Muscat. Members of SuzyClub meet in the restaurant where everyone pays only his order and learn french with a french teacher or native french speaker

Arabic Class

Arabic class in Muscat. Members of SuzyClub meet in the restaurant where everyone pays his order and learn Arabic for free with a native Arabic volunteer or teacher

Coffee Morning

Coffee morning weekly in a nice cafe most of the time at the waves where we can admire the sea and talk between members.

Networking Dinner

We choose professional theme so members join the dinner and share their business cards. As well, we do activities during the dinner to break the ice and let them discuss about professional opportunities

Outdoor activities

We create montlhy an outdoor activity or indoor during summer time. We did a lot of different activities and most of the time during winter, we go for a paintball game.

Our partners

About Us

“We Make Your Life a Great Experience”

Suzclub is a community of expat and local in Oman. We create a trusted community where :

  • You connect with international and local people in your city
  • You join exciting events to meet Suzyclub members
  • You get tips and information about the city
  • You get discounts in restaurants and more in your city.

To ensure the quality of the network, Suzyclub membership is by approval only.

It is the opportunity for you to be a Suzy Club member to obtain more advantages through the Suzy Club – Member Card. Join Us and get your Membership card.

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